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Bơm chìm D PUMP
Mã sản phẩm : D PUMP
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Thương hiệu : Bombas Ideal
submersible D pumps

Solves all drainage problems even when the water contains mud, sand and other solids. There is no need to prime this pump in order to work totally or partially submerged. It can run dry for short periods of time. One pipe is enough for the installation, It can work night and day with no interruption or damage. There is no need for a foot valve

or lubrication. Easily transportable through its lightweight built.
The casing and pump body are made of Silumin, resistant to corrosion and salty water. Double mechanical tungsten-carbide seal. Oil chamber between motor and pump. Sealed terminal box and 10 metres of neoprene cable.

Inside of the pump covered with special rubber preventing any easy damage through impurities.